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Group HR Manager earns highest possible grade in diploma course


Posted on February 20th, 2017

It has been said that ‘life long learning’ is the key to forward progression. If that’s true, then Warrior Security International’s Group Human Resources Manager has just jumped ahead by leaps and bounds.

Lulu Allcock recently completed her International HR Management Diploma course, achieving an overall A+ grade, which is the highest level achievable.

Head of Business Services Arnie Lustman was thrilled to be able to make the announcement.

“Very many congratulations to our HR Manager, Lulu Allcock, on the successful completion of her HR Management Diploma course where she achieved an A+ grade. This is the highest appraisal that can be attained on the course and is a wonderful reflection of the professionalism and commitment of our HR Manager! Lulu has been in Warrior for 2 years and has been instrumental in ensuring that the Company’s focus on our most valuable asset, our staff, is second to none.”

Lulu says the International HR Management course has enhanced her knowledge by adding another layer of understanding to what is required on a regional and international level, which in turn will add value to Warrior as a Group operating in various countries.

“Operating in different countries brings many challenges that need to be addressed and its important to understand the implications across all of the organisation’s functions. There is often no ‘one size fits all’ solution. This affects HR departments that often operate under blanket policies. The usual day to day management and undertakings of the HR department occur both domestically and internationally within Warrior. This course has expanded my skills and knowledge of how to manage multi-layered HR issues, which may require new or different approaches to problem solving, depending on a specific country or department. I am very excited and grateful to have an opportunity to utilise this additional set of skills going forward.”

Congratulations Lulu on some well deserved praise. You’ve earned it.

Strength and Integrity!

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